No Attempt is made to write a complete genealogy of the Radcliffe family or of any of the other families allied to it. In some cases genealogies have already been written. The attempt is rather to record what is new and unpublished and the first generation in America.

Of Radcliffe Tower, of Rossendale,
Of Manchester, Lancashire, and of Wrightstown, Pennsylvania
James Radcliffe of Wrightstown is an example of those Quaker settlers of Bucks County who, like the Kirkbrides and the Yardleys, belonged to the gentility of England:
For James came directly from Musbury, his ancestral property in Lancashire, which had been held by the Radcliffes for centuries.

When Henry Bowker married Mary Radcliffe in Manchester Cathedral, he married a daughter of the Lords of Ordsall Hall who for centuries had been buried in the choir. There is an immense amount of history about these two branches of the same family. The name is famous, not only for the social and political prominence of many who bore it, but also for the celebrated scholars and scientists. It was a prolific family.

From the first, with many branches and an equal number of pedigrees which do not always agree with each other. It is possible in this present volume only to give the descent of those Radcliffes which is pertinent to our study.
The Radcliffes of Radcliffe Tower Descendants of James Radcliffe
Radcliff Family Crest